Entertainment in Australia

Australians’ favourite place to relax after work is a pub or a hotel. Hotel is a kind of pub, some time ago they had to provide sleeping facilities for its guests and that’s the origin of its name. Pubs are usually open from early lunch till midnight. In every, even the smallest town in Australia there is a local hotel where people meet and have fun.. The most popular drink is a beer (the most famous brand is VB – Victoria Bitter).

Other places that gather Australians are local RSL Clubs (Returned & Services League of Australia). You can find RSL Club in every suburb and bigger town.They were established for older people and ex service Defence Force memebers and their families but thanks to low prices of food and alcohol they are very popular among all generations.

Australians love eating out, therefore huge number of restaurants are always full. You can meet friends there and try foreign cuisines. Delicious food tastes even better when combined with wine, which is not expensive, even in restaurants. In Australia you can find wine from around the world but you should try wide range of Australian wines. This country is getting more and more famous for excellent quality and tasteful and sophisticated wines. Wineries are being awarded with first prizes in international competitions, taste of Australian wines is comparable to French or Italian brands.

The most popular form of spending free time with family and friends in Australia is barbeque, so called BBQ. Near almost every beach and park you can find public barbeque places. Especially in summer time everyone is out for a "barbie". Christmas and Australia Day (26th January) will not be perfect without grilled steaks and sausages.

Australia Day on 26th January is a day of celebration for all Australians. They celebrate their achievements as a nation, think about possible opportunities and challenges of the future and appreciate the good fortune of simply being Australian.